Clear Zinc Tinted Sunscreen Gel

  • Clear Zinc is a 100% Mineral Sunscreen which provides a superior photostable physical sunscreen barrier on the skin.
  • It has an SPF value of 50 and PA+++ rating. 
  • It effectively reflects and scatters both UVA and UVB rays.
  • It protects the skin from thermal-ageing and free radical attack.
  • Tinted gel ensures that there is no white cast and provides an even skin tone.
  • The formula is ultra matte, non-comedogenic and water/sweat resistant.


  1. Broad spectrum protection with SPF 50 | PA+++
  2. Infrared protection
  3. 100% Mineral gel 
  4. Ultra Matte Finish 
  5. Non-Comedogenic 
  6. Water/ Sweat Resistant 
  7. Tinted formula for everyday skin coverage


  1. Micronized Zinc Oxide : Provides a superior photostable physical sunscreen barrier on the skin
  2. Physavie : Protects the skin from thermal-ageing
  3. Lipochroman : Protects the skin against Reduced Oxygen species (ROS), Reduced Nitrogen Species (RNS), and Reduced Carbon Species (RCS).

Direction of Use:

  • Squeeze desired amount of CLEAR ZINC Tinted Sunscreen Gel
  • Apply 15-20 mins prior to sun exposure 
  • Reapply as required