Anatrix Pro Hair Serum

  • Anatrix pro is a silicone-free serum that acts on multiple stimulation pathways to control hair fall. 
  • It ensures visible hair growth and shows anti-hairloss effect.
  • Anatrix Pro is formulated with hair growth promoters and supplemented with actives to support quality and speed of hair growth.
  • It  replenishes the hair follicles and restores hair vitality to aid in hair elongation. 
  • It comes with a dropper for convenience and ease of application. 
  • Anatrix pro is dermatologically tested and is safe to use in case of both male and female pattern baldness. 
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  1. Prolongs hair growth cycle 
  2. Restores hair vitality 
  3. Re-energizes hair follicles

Direction of Use:

  • Draw 1ml of ANATRIX PRO Hair Serum 
  • Apply directly to the scalp 
  • Massage in gently 
  • Do Not Rinse 


Pro Tip –  Apply Twice daily for best results 


  1. Anagain : Prolongs hair growth cycle and stimulates gene expression for hair growth. 
  2. Redensyl : Stimulates the stem cell activity in the hair follicles.
  3. Cressatine : Initiates hair regeneration via the Want Pathway.
  4. Amenexil : Inhibits 5 alpha reductase and prevents hair miniaturization.
  5. L-arginine : Shows efficacy in polyamine pathways for human hair elongation.