About Us


We provide Progressive Skincare Backed by Science

Since its Inception, Ceuticoz has been consistently dedicated to its Physicians and Patients, to Clinically Validated Research and to Developing Potent Effective Formulas to answer all skin care needs.

  • Our Mission

To help people restore and maintain skin health

  • Our Approach

We believe that excellence is contagious.

Every person and every process is driven by the same passion and drive for excellence. From ingredients to production to final product every process is geared to deliver consistent levels of quality, performance and safety.

Our Manufacturing

Ceuticoz’s parent company, Lyra Laboratories Pvt. Ltd is one of the few manufacturing facilities in India that is completely dedicated to external applications.

Our manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh, India is outfitted with latest production technologies, testing equipments, instrumentation & microbiology laboratories with all the requisite technologies to produce products of superior quality.

The plant is a WHO- GMP and GLP approved facility and works under its strict guidelines to assure quality.

Our Research and Development

With a In house R&D team, Ceuticoz is a company that believes in providing scientific evidence to support its product’s claims.

Also we associated with leading inter – national organisations like CLR, Germany; DSM, Switzerland; Mibelle, USA for R & D

We start with high quality ingredients with proven scientific results. Then, our research and development team creates formulations with optimal concentrations of active ingredients.

After extensive testing, our products are manufactured and packaged under highly regulated conditions.

Our Quality Control

We are committed to creating the best possible skin therapies for our customers.

Both the active ingredients and final formulations are subject to rigorous clinical studies in order to obtain scientifically validated proof that they deliver on their claims-reinforcing our commitment to provide advanced skincare.

Our Values

At Ceuticoz our values are an essential part of our culture and business.

The Five values that underpin all are endeavours are: Quality, Integrity, Personal Accountability , Quest For Excellence and Inclusivity We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. Honouring our commitments is a culture at Ceuticoz.

We are respectful and proud of the diversity of our people. We respect and embrace the culture of the people of each nation in which we operate.