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About Ceuticoz

Ceuticoz is an associate firm of Lyra Laboratories, one of India's most respected dermatology companies. Ceuticoz is a new face in the dermatology community that provides innovative products in the prescription cosmetic segment.

Cosmoceutics provides a functional bridge between Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics. The ambiguity associated with Cosmeceuticals segment in India is apparent. On one hand claims made about drugs are subject to high scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On the other hand, Cosmeceuticals, falling under cosmetics have no mandatory FDA review. Sadly this has lead to prevalence of products with false claims or claims without enough evidence. We at Ceuticoz view this both as a challenge and an opportunity.

We differentiate our company in our reliance on research and development, in our commitment to delivering on our claims through internationally acclaimed ingredients with measurable results, in our dermatologically tested and approved products and in our manufacturing capabilities that ensure quality.

Our products and services are based on our strong capabilities: deep science and technology skills, in-depth knowledge of intellectual property and regulation, advanced manufacturing, sales and marketing insights and a flexible supply chain that can avert shortages and meet demand surges.

Ceuticoz Clinical Products

Scientifically Advanced Care

Ceuticoz is a pioneering dermatology firm built on the foundation of clinical studies and first to market poducts. We aim at compounding products that are backed by science and have a single focus to enhance skin health. With products of highest quality, Ceuticoz takes up the responsibility to formulate to answer all needs of a healthy skin regimen, which includes protecting healthy skin, correcting skin issues, and preventing skin damage.

Advanced Compounding

Our products are formulated with optimal combination of pharmaceutical grade active ingredients. In-house research studies various combinations and interactions between active ingredients for a formula that boosts effectiveness.

Each product is subjected to a series of rigorous clinical tests where results are measured by professionals and confirmed statistically.

Efficacy of products is a promise, which we keep by maintaining excellent know-how and remaining among the leading providers on the market.

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Ceuticoz Advanced Compounding Products

Customers and Business Associates

Ceuticoz bases its corporate policy on being a specialist in its core competencies of dermatology and cosmotology.

Fair and constructive partnership with our customers, particularly patients, doctors and pharmacies, as well as with cooperating enterprises is an important maxim of our entrepreneurial behavior. We strive to deliver excellent customer service experiences for consumers, distributors and healthcare professionals. We strive to transform the customer into an advocate for Ceuticoz.

Our Values

At Ceuticoz our values are an essential part of our culture and business. These values underpin the quality of our products and drive our integrity, our commitment to science and innovation, and our focus on helping people restore and maintain Skin Health.


Quality products: Our product research strives to provide outstanding products with the objective to deliver premium value to our customers.

Quality processes and production: We continuously improve our processes and continuously lift our standards. We invest in quality equipment for a more consistent result over the longer term.

Research and Innovation: Research is pivotal to Ceuticoz. We strive to continuously pave our way through with breakthroughs in skin science. Innovation to products, to systems and to Ceuticoz is encouraged and embraced.

Personal accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. Honoring our commitment is a culture at Ceuticoz We are respectful and proud of the diversity of our people. We respect and embrace the culture of the people of each nation in which we operate.

Corporate Citizenship: Social responsibility is a commitment. We will be good corporate citizen and support social initiative.

Ceuticoz Dermatology Values