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  • Latest @ Ceuticoz
    Latest @ Ceuticoz
    • CEUTICOZ launches First Time In India Sunscreen with protection against UVB UVA and HEV

      UVICOZ LOTION SPF 50+, PA +++, HEV Melanin


  • R&D
    • With a In house R&D team, Ceuticoz is a company that believes in providing scientific evidence to support its product's claims.

      Also we associated with leading inter - national organisations like CLR, Germany;


  • About Us

      Ceuticoz is an associate firm of Lyra Laboratories, one of India's most respected dermatology companies. Ceuticoz is a new face in the dermatology community that provides innovative products in the prescription cosmetic segment.

      Cosmoceutics provides a functional bridge between Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics. The ambiguity associated with Cosmeceuticals segment in India is apparent. On one hand claims made about drugs are subject to high scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On the other hand, Cosmeceuticals...